Parthenium Distribution, Biology, Hazards, and Control Measures In Ethiopia

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Besufekad Tadesse
T.K. Das
M. Mahadevappa
Taye Tessema
Tamado Tana


Parthenium hysterophorus L.sub-tribe Ambrosiinae, tribe Heliantheae and family Asteraceae) is an annual herbaceous, naturalized and poisonous weed. Having originated in tropical North and South America (Mexico, USA) and West*Indies, it has spread like a wild fire in Australia, Asia and Africa. Initially, parthenium we’ed used to appear only in non-crop situations, but its gradual encroachment into crop fields and grazing land in recent years cast a serious concern. Its invasion is attributed to wider adaptability, high capacity of seed production, photo-and thermo-insensitivity, absence of seed dormancy, high competitiveness and allelopathy. This review
addressed the biology, distribution, and ecological, health and agricultural hazards it causes in Ethiopia and control measures currently available in both crop and noncrop situations. Prospects in parthenium weed research and control are also emphasized with special reference to Ethiopia.


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Besufekad Tadesse, T.K. Das, M. Mahadevappa, Taye Tessema, & Tamado Tana. (2023). Parthenium Distribution, Biology, Hazards, and Control Measures In Ethiopia. Pest Managment Journal of Ethiopia, 9, 1–15. Retrieved from
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