Open Access Policy for Pest Management Journal of Ethiopia (PMJOE)

1. Introduction

The Pest Management Journal of Ethiopia (PMJOE) is a scholarly publication dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding in the field of pest management. As a publication of the Plant Protection Society of Ethiopia (PPSE), PMJOE aims to promote the dissemination of high-quality research and foster collaboration among researchers, practitioners, and policymakers.

To fulfill our commitment to open access and the principles of knowledge sharing, PMJOE adopts the following Open Access Policy.

2. Licensing

PMJOE is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0). This license allows users to freely share and adapt the content of the journal for non-commercial purposes, provided proper attribution is given to the original authors and the journal.

3. Open Access Publication

PMJOE provides immediate open access to all published articles, ensuring that they are freely available to the global research community. This unrestricted access allows researchers, students, policymakers, and the general public to read, download, copy, distribute, and use the published content without any financial or legal barriers.

4. Author Retention of Copyright

Authors publishing in PMJOE retain the copyright of their work. This policy enables authors to exercise control over their intellectual property and facilitates the dissemination of their research findings.

5. Archiving and Preservation

PMJOE recognizes the importance of long-term preservation and accessibility of scholarly content. Therefore, the journal will deposit all published articles in a digital repository or archive to ensure their availability for future generations.

6. Compliance with Ethical Standards

PMJOE adheres to the highest ethical standards in publishing. Authors are expected to comply with relevant ethical guidelines and regulations, including obtaining necessary permissions and approvals for their research involving human subjects, animals, or sensitive data.

7. Promotion of Open Access

PMJOE actively promotes the principles of open access and encourages authors, reviewers, and editors to advocate for open access publishing within their respective communities. The journal also welcomes submissions that explore the benefits and challenges of open access in the field of pest management.

9. Review and Revision

This Open Access Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with evolving best practices in open access publishing. Any necessary revisions will be made in consultation with the Plant Protection Society of Ethiopia (PPSE) and communicated to the journal's stakeholders.

By adopting this Open Access Policy, PMJOE reaffirms its commitment to advancing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and promoting the free exchange of ideas in the field of pest management.


PMJOE Editorial Board