Pest Management Journal of Ethiopia (PMJOE) is a publication of the Plant Protection Society of Ethiopia (PPSE). The Journal was launched in 1997, six years after the merger of the Committee of Ethiopian Entomologists and the Ethiopian Phytopathological Committee, both of which had been in existence for more than a decade before they joined to form PPSE in 1992. The Society has been holding annual conference each year where a large number of papers containing useful information on Ethiopian agriculture are presented and proceedings published. The sustained growth and improvement in the quality of research results presented in the annual conferences has encouraged the establishment of PMJOE.

The journal has the following objectives:

  • to foster dissemination of pest management technologies to the user community in Ethiopia
  • to create awareness about pest problems and opportunities for developing sustainable pest management strategies
  • to promote the sciences of pest management disciplines
  • to encourage exchange of ideas among scientists engaged in pest management research and development in Ethiopia PMJOE is national in scope but may also entertain manuscripts that have regional nature and are relevant to Ethiopian agriculture.
  •  It covers all disciplines of crop protection: diseases, insects, weeds, nematodes and vertebrate pests.

Priority is given to papers dealing with crop protection problems that are highly relevant to Ethiopian agriculture. Manuscripts dealing with non-chemicals management aspects are preferred.